Relax and unwind with a massage tailored to you using a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques.

A full consultation will be given for you to specify your needs, be it a relaxing full body aromatherapy massage or focus on a problem area such as tension in the back, neck and shoulders. 

Back, Neck & Shoulder

£ 44

30 mins

Full Body

£ 66

60 mins


Drift away to the peaceful, calming music whilst our Beauty Lab professional takes complete care of your skin!

Our 30-minute Essentials Facial is tailored to your skin type: dry, sensitive, oily, normal or combination and includes massage for the face, shoulders, neck and decollate. The Essentials range is perfect for hydrating and protecting your skin, improving the suppleness and adding firmness to the epidermis, thanks to the key ingredients Hawaiian Seaplant, Ceramides and Micro-Algae.

Our Anti-ageing Facial is an hour of bliss, targeting signs of ageing and boosting the collagen and elastin production in your skin to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all thanks to special ingredients such as retinol and hexapeptide-8 (known in the industry as ‘Botox in a Bottle’ as it reduces the depth of expression lines!). This advanced anti-ageing range is specially formulated with exclusive peptides and highly active plant derived extracts for aged and prematurely aged skin.




£ 44

45 mins. All skin types.


£ 66

60 mins. Aged/prematurely aged skin.

Add steam extractions

£ 17

Can be added to Essentials & Anti-ageing facials 20 mins

Teen Facial

£ 30

Our Teen Facial - 45 Mins - It’s a fact that most teenagers will experience clogged pores, acne and breakouts at some point during their teen years. If you have a teen or if you are a teen reading this, here are reasons you should consider a teen facial. What Are the Benefits of a Teen Facial? There are many benefits of facials, but for teens in particular, facials will help clean out blackheads and clogged pores caused by oil production. Skincare products used at home can only help reduce clogged pores. It takes a professional beauty therapist to properly prepare and soften the skin before manual extractions can take place in a safe and effective way. Also, facials are geared to problem solve. The level of the intensity of a facial is contingent on the severity of the skin’s issues. Teens tend to have problem skin, but what works for some might not work for others. A beauty therapist can offer advice on the best way to address a teen’s specific skin concerns. Part of getting a facial is receiving a lesson from experts on how to care for the skin properly. This information includes which products will work best for each person based on his or her skin type and the client will learn how to care for his or her skin at home to maintain the results of a facial. What Age is Best For a Teen Facial? During the teenage years, hormones can really start to fluctuate which can aggravate the skin and cause blemishes and breakouts. Age 13 would be a good time for teens to start their facial routine. Even if problem skin isn’t yet an issue, it’s a good time to start teaching how to care for their skin. Includes an extra 15 minutes for first time consultation


Enhance your natural beauty with tinting, waxing, eyelash lifting or brow lamination!

Let us expertly map out and shape your brows to frame your face, tint your lashes so there is no need for mascara, or lift your lashes for that permanent eyelash curler effect! If you dream of having long, luscious lashes for a special occasion or for long-term wear, lash extensions may be for you! Book in for a free consultation to see what wonders our lash artist can achieve for you!

*Patch test required 24-48 hrs prior to tinting, lifting or lamination

Brown Lamination

£ 45

Inclusive of brown tint & wax

Eyebrow shape

£ 13

Brow Tint

£ 11

Eyebrow shape & Tint

£ 22

Lash Tint

£ 18

Lash Lift & Tint

£ 55

Spray Tan

Gone are the days you need to fry in the sun to get a tan!

The Sienna X 1HR DHA Vegan spray tan solution is ideal for nearly all our clients’ skin tones, who do not want to sit for long waiting for the tan to develop.

This tan can be left on to develop for 1-4 hours depending on your skin tone and the final result you would like to achieve. Its really versatile solution enabling you to achieve anything from light to dark tans, giving you a natural, confidence-boosting holiday glow.

Full Body

£ 30

Upper Body

£ 22

Legs Only

£ 18


We remove your unwanted hair using gelee aloe vera wax for facial hair removal and cream wax for body hair removal as efficiently and painlessly as possible, to keep your skin smooth for weeks.

Eyebrow Shape

£ 13

Lip or Chin

£ 11

Lip & Chin

£ 20


£ 9

Under Arm

£ 1517

Classic Bikini Line

£ 17

Extended Bikini Line

£ 20

Full Leg

£ 35

Half Leg

£ 24


Half Leg

£ 22

Lower including knee

Full arm

£ 26


£ 20

Up to elbow

Male Grooming

Beauty treatments for men are increasing in popularity, keeping you looking healthy and feeling your best!

As the skin is the biggest organ of the body, it is so important to take care of it as you would your heart or lungs. Regular facials will purify your pores and are also a great way to learn what your skin needs, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re seriously relaxing! It’s also important to remove blackheads, flaking, and ingrown hairs to keep you looking tip top.

Believe it or not, lots of men get their eyebrows shaped! Most men are able to make it through the first few decades of their lives without having to do anything about their brows; it’s not till the late twenties or thirties that the hair on our eyebrows starts to grow in a way that it needs maintenance! To avoid wild looking hairs that may distract others when they speak to you up close, or to keep that uni-brow at bay, try our professional waxing service to leave you looking well-groomed! We also provide waxing services for men, including back waxing to keep your skin smooth and hair free for weeks on end!

Men's manicure

£ 22

45 mins – nail trimming and filing, neaten cuticles, remove hard skin, hand scrub to soften skin and remove dirt, hand massage with moisture boosting lotion

Eyebrow Tidy

£ 13


Eyebrow Tint

£ 11

Back Wax

£ 33